martes, 24 de febrero de 2009

free iphone Wallpapers

I made a collection of iphone wallpapers that you can download for free at the next link: Cricket Mind Fuck

Feel free to post a comment. I would appreciate

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lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009



Entering a room you’ve always entered, knowing exactly what series of events does and will happen, knowing every moment because he was, is and will be every minute, every second but still having that suspicious feeling. Glimpsing what could or not be the truth, his truth, but this consciousness alienates himself from the social dynamic he entered in the first place. Soon, his own inner noise will affect the way everybody else approaches him at any circumstance. Thinking he was thinking loud, hearing what he didn’t in fact hear, and facing the absurd and the enormous importance of it. Accepting that the signs, symbols and all different types of communications aren’t perceived by the surrounding elements. The concept of control is completely altered by the hyper extraordinary reality. Extracting everything into the three main poles of action and their own consequence. It is so clear that he realize himself in a permanent gap. Standing solo.

Emerging new but not exactly unique characters, perhaps it ill be needed a sharpened perspective to actually see their main purpose, it's present action and its rising basis, it doesn’t matter cause it has already made a significant difference to the chronological time sequence which enables the free will but it also forces willing. Isolated thoughts intersected with moods that meant the search of any unfasten security but that in fact enhance more doubt and suspicion to the subsequent series of events. What is this kind of behavior? What is this blurry curtain? Are these parts of a hole? Have they arrived to offer an alternative or to annunciate the same note of the background music. Nothing had any sense, but remains this pulsing feeling that it has a truthful meaning. The overwhelming idea of ending up being just himself naturally altered this same concept on and on. So long vision and having no control of it at all. The individual instability soon affects the perception of the multiple reflects, the most simple actions or even thoughts metamorphose to impossible labyrinths of his state of mind. The lack of resistance will end on a no turning point so the only reality concentrates in the idea of hope struggling face to face with the daemon of conformity. I am more me than you will ever be you, as you are more you than i will ever be me.

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